Elyse Connolly Inc. was founded in the early 1980’s by Elyse Connolly. Her vision to represent and support creatives while cultivating a family of talented photographers and stylists remains true to this day.

Elyse Connolly began her career in photography as a humble, mild-mannered, model-booker at Zoli, an agency that pioneered diversity while others pursued a more common view of beauty. Future generations will long debate whether Elyse actually had her eye on her own agency then, and we may never know. I guess we could just ask her when she is not on the phone. What is known, however, is that while managing the Men’s Division for that agency, it was her work editing model and photographer portfolios that convinced her to leave Zoli after six years and plant the seeds that would grow into Elyse Connolly Inc. Though the business environment in general, and the way business is done in particular has changed, what hasn’t changed is the goal of providing art directors, creative directors, and account reps with the best possible way to cultivate an image, nurture a concept, or promote a vision. All of the artists under Elyse Connolly Inc’s bright orange banner have left their marks on fashion, lifestyle, celebrity, and food, often producing iconic still images and motion that have helped define those respective campaigns.

For much of the past 30 years Elyse has been sharing her insights with industry peers while providing sound advice and good counsel to those new to the business. While good lighting, solid styling, and stunning sets can help anyone take a picture, Elyse has helped a generation of industry professionals understand the importance of capturing a great image, and the truth that image should convey.